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Center of Concern | Mon, Nov 21, 2011

Center Focus, Issue 190 - Fall 2011

 In this issue:

  • What if... Reframing the Dream - Jim Hug, S.J.
  • Seeing Agriculture Anew - Maria Riley, O.P.
  • Work-Life Conflict in the United States - Julia Wartenberg
  • Why Language Has Moral - and Unpredictable - Effects - Kerry Danner-McDonald
  • Getting Our Focus Right - Jim Hug, S.J.
  • Center of Concern 40th Anniversary Campaign - Jim Hug, S.J.
Center Focus, Issue 187 - Winter 2011

Center of Concern | Thu, Mar 3, 2011

Center Focus, Issue 187 - Winter 2011

In this Issue:

  •  Center of Concern at 40: Seeing the World Anew - Jim Hug, SJ
  • Winning the Wrong Future?  A Spiritual Challenge for the Decade Ahead - Jim Hug, SJ
  • Toward a New Economy - Julia Wartenberg
  • The Financial Reform Act: Building Capacity for a New Economy - Aldo Caliari
  • Windows on the Future - Jobs - Maria Riley, OP
  • Harry A. Fagan Roundtable Award 2011 to Education for Justice Staff