EFJ Calls for Religious Communities to Discover Their Common Visions

Education for Justice | Wed, Feb 12, 2014


Education for Justice Project Director Pat Finan and Associate Director Sister Dianna Ortiz offer "Action-Links" that bring together the prayerful journey of the EFJ resources, which are available through the subscriber-based site, and our concerns in everyday life.  EFJ urges particpation in key events: February 20 is the United Nations World Day of Social Justice.  Find out more at The Institute for Peace and Justice is an independent, interfaith organization that creates resources, provides learning experiences, and advocates publicly for alternatives to violence and injustice at the individual, family, community, institutional and global levels.  Explore its website and consider taking action at



According to Finan and Ortiz, the gospel today is not just about personal moral behavior. It is about how we live together and work together as a community.It is about how we live together as nations, as ethic groups, as corporations, as institutions, as people doing things together.

As disciples and citizens, we are called to see, hear, understand, and respond to the message of the gospel and God's contemporary ongoing revelation for the world we live in. The manifestations of injustice that we encounter daily demand the faith-filled and faith-guided engagement of our heads, hearts and hands.

In this globalizing world, there will not be justice or peace until all religious communities come to discover their common visions and their calling from God to stand and work arm in arm for the well being of each and all. This section offers resources for exploring our Catholic faith and the perspectives on justice and peace found in the other major world religions.

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