Global Women's Project | Wed, Oct 12, 2011

Jobs With and For a Future

Last month, U.S. unemployment rate was reported at 9.1 percent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) some 13.9 million Americans are out of work; 8.5 million are involuntary part-time workers; and 2.2 million have stopped looking for work: a total of 24.6 million workers. Read the latest briefing paper from the Global Women’s Project, “Jobs With and For A Future,” to learn about two areas where job growth is possible and beneficial for individuals and society – the Green Economy and the Care Economy.

Global Women's Project | Thu, Sep 29, 2011

The Implications of the Work-Life Conflict in the United States

For the last six decades, women have been entering the paid labor force in record numbers. With the advent of the Great Recessions, millions of women in the United States became primary or co-breadwinners in their families. Yet our social policies have failed to acknowledge that family composition has changed, leaving families to face the work-life conflict on their own. “The Implications of the Work-Life Conflict in the United States” outlines just how harmful the current policies of the United States are.

Feminist Political Economic Analysis of U.S. Chicken Industry

Global Women's Project | Fri, Sep 19, 2008

Feminist Political Economic Analysis of U.S. Chicken Industry

Kristin Sampson uses a feminist political economy (FPE) framework to analyze the U.S. commercial poultry industry as an exemplifier of a production model that is being replicated in poultry sectors across the globe as well as in other livestock, agricultural, and industrial sectors. Trade and investment liberalization brings the industrial model into direct contact with the traditional systems of raising chickens which still feature prominently in developing countries. In light of FPE, how does the industrial poultry production model fare in terms of advancing the sustaining and flourishing of life and providing sustainable livelihoods?