feminist political economy

Global Women's Project | Mon, May 17, 2010

Seeing the World Anew: A Framework for a Renewed Economy

Contemporary crises in finance, the economy, care, hunger, migration, energy and climate change are the interrelated signs revealing the failure of the dominant Neoliberal approach to development over the last 3 decades.  This paper analyzes the roots of these crises and lays out a vision of a way forward that promises healing, renewal and greater justice for all peoples and Earth.  It provides the framework for the Center's programming into the future. 

Feminist Political Economic Analysis of U.S. Chicken Industry

Global Women's Project | Fri, Sep 19, 2008

Feminist Political Economic Analysis of U.S. Chicken Industry

Kristin Sampson uses a feminist political economy (FPE) framework to analyze the U.S. commercial poultry industry as an exemplifier of a production model that is being replicated in poultry sectors across the globe as well as in other livestock, agricultural, and industrial sectors. Trade and investment liberalization brings the industrial model into direct contact with the traditional systems of raising chickens which still feature prominently in developing countries. In light of FPE, how does the industrial poultry production model fare in terms of advancing the sustaining and flourishing of life and providing sustainable livelihoods?