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Engaging Faith | Thu, Jul 5, 2012

Creighton University achieves Fair Trade Status

Creighton University is the first Catholic, Jesuit University to achieve Fair Trade status. The designation is given by Fair Trade Colleges & Universities USA, a national initiative to embed Fair Trade principles within administrative policy and the social and intellectual fabric of academic communities and recognizes the institution’s efforts to support Fair Trade through five established criteria--policies, use of fair trade products where feasible in university-operated/owned outlets, use of these products in university operations such as meetings and special events, Fair Trade education and awareness building on campus and general support of Fair Trade through procurement practices.    Read more....


Global Women's Project | Thu, Mar 1, 2001


"Maria Riley, O.P., Coordinator of the Global Women's Project at the Center, welcomes the Bush Administration's hypocritical decision on steel tariffs as a rare honest Moment of Truth for global policies that impact billions of people. All trade is Managed Trade and should be managed for the global common good and pro-poor development."