Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Engaging Faith | Tue, Aug 12, 2008

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time [a]

 August 17, 2008


     Isaiah 56:1, 6-7

     Romans 11:13-15, 29-32

     Matthew 15:21-28


August 15: Feast of the Assumption of Mary

August 23: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition


This is the mystery of our Church, that all men and women are brothers and sisters, all one in Christ, all bear the image of the Eternal God.

Root Causes of Immigration

Center of Concern | Fri, Jul 11, 2008

Root Causes of Immigration

There are 60 countries in today’s world that are poorer than they were thirty years ago. A fifth of the world’s population (1.2 billion people) lives on less than $1 per day and almost half the world’s population, or 2.8 billion people, live on less than $2 a day. Every second, a child dies of malnutrition. Economic injustice still plagues most of the world, providing a strong impetus for immigration. Given this situation, any true solution to illegal immigration to the U.S. must take into account the root causes of the poverty from which many immigrants are trying to escape. This resource looks at these root causes, especially those which have been perpetuated by U.S. foreign policy which has not focused on the well-being of the poorest.
Myths and Meaning

Center of Concern | Wed, Jul 9, 2008

Myths and Meaning

As a nation, our attitudes and responses to the issues and events of our time are often shaped by myth – tales handed down through family trees or stories transmitted through grade school textbooks. In the heightened and passionate conversation around immigration, myth has played a compelling role on all sides of the debate. The rhetoric surrounding the immigration raid that took place May 12 in Postville, Iowa highlights the differences between the two competing predominant myths.

Under the Same Moon

Center of Concern | Wed, May 7, 2008

Under the Same Moon

If you have not seen the movie Under the Same Moon, I encourage you to not miss this one. This movie puts a “human face” on immigrants, allowing us to see their humanity. It also allows us to enter into the story of immigrants, providing us with an understanding of the immigration issue that transcends much of the blather we have been hearing from many a politician and pundits who can only provide us with a simplistic focus on the “legal” status of immigrants.