Labor Day 2008

Center of Concern | Mon, Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

“Our faith,” the U.S. bishops remind us in their pastoral letter Economic Justice for All, “is not just a weekend obligation, a mystery to be celebrated around the altar on Sunday.

It is a pervasive reality to be practiced every day in homes, offices, factories, schools, and businesses…We cannot separate what we believe form how we act in the marketplace and the broader community” (#25).

Seeking Climate Justice at Home

Global Women's Project | Mon, Jul 28, 2008

Seeking Climate Justice at Home

Climate change affects us all, but it doesn’t affect us all in the same ways or to the same extent. There is widespread international consensus, affirmed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that people living in poverty around the world will be more directly and severely impacted, conjuring images of the devastation wreaked by Cyclone Nargis in Burma, drought exacerbating the food crisis in East Africa and rising sea levels affecting the populations of small islands states.

The Big Squeeze

Center of Concern | Wed, Jul 23, 2008

The Big Squeeze

Book Review - In 2008, twenty-two years after the bishops provided a moral framework for evaluating the economy, Steven Greenhouse, a labor and workplace correspondent for the New York Times since 1995, has provided us a report card on the economy and how it measures up to the standard of protecting the dignity of the human person.
The Deserts are Growing...

Center of Concern | Mon, Apr 28, 2008

The Deserts are Growing...

"The external deserts in the world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast," asserted Pope Benedict XVI in his inaugural homily. The brokenness of our relationship with the natural world, as evidenced among other concerns by global warming, the extinction of species, polluted air and waterways, and soil depletion, reflects back to us the brokenness of our relationships within the human family.
Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle A

Engaging Faith | Fri, Apr 18, 2008

Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle A

Sixth Sunday of Easter [a]

April 27, 2008


Acts 8:5-8, 14-17

1 Peter 3:15-18

John 14:15-21


April 27: Orthodox Easter

May 1: Feast of the Ascension (Depending on the diocese)

May 1: Usually the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker; International Workers' Day

May 3: World Press Freedom Day


If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.

St. Clement of Alexandria