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Integral Ecology | Fri, Oct 4, 2013

Sino-US Colloquium (IV) = Core Values and World Order

Lester Myers, Ph.D. and President of Center of Concern joins Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick at the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) Sino-US Colloquium (IV) = Core Values and World Order.  Presenters include academicians and scholars from China and the United States, international religious and cultural experts, social scientists, renowned journalists and politicians whom CEFC assembles. CEFC serves as a high-end strategic think tank engaged in energy strategy research, energy and public diplomacy, as well as global energy cooperation and cultural exchanges. Through the Colloquium, CEFC challenges the best minds to to conduct research in support of China’s three-pronged approach to energy development: the substitution of cleaner alternative energy for traditional energy, renewable energy for fossil fuels and plentiful energy sources for scarce ones.