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Center Focus, Issue 173 - April 2007

Center of Concern | Sun, Apr 1, 2007

Center Focus, Issue 173 - April 2007

In this Issue:

  • Beyond WTO Compliance: Seeking a Just 2007 U.S. Farm Bill - Kristin Sampson
  • Populorum Progressio - A Vision Realized? - Katherine Feely, SND
  • The Federal Budget Embeds a Moral Statement - Martin M. McLaughlin
  • The Shifting Context of the Work for Justice - James E. Hug, SJ
  • Rethinking U.S. Trade Policy for the Common Good - Congressional Briefing
Center Focus, Issue 169 - November 2005

Center of Concern | Tue, Nov 15, 2005

Center Focus, Issue 169 - November 2005

In this Issue:

  • Introduction: Power and the Common Good - James E. Hug, SJ
  • Doha Development Agenda Fades at the WTO - Maria Riley, OP
  • The Role of the BWIs in the Global Trading System - Aldo Caliari
  • Latin America-Caribbean Seminar on Trade-Finance Linkages - Aldo Caliari
  • Closing the Door on Corporate Influence - Peter O'Driscoll
  • CAFTA - One Step Back, Two Steps Forward? - Kristin Sampson