Global financial crisis book features RBW (August 2012)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Thu, Aug 2, 2012


A book on the global financial crisis and developing countries features a chapter contributed by RBW Project Director Aldo Caliari.


A book “The Global Economic Crisis and Developing Countries: Implications for Recovery and Growth,” edited by Aswhini Deshpande and Keith Nurse, has been published by Routledge as part of its Studies on Development Economics Series.

Section 2 of the book focuses on the finance and trade dimensions and comprises the following chapters:

Reassessing Capital Controls: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence, by Vanessa da Costa Val Munhoz and Gilberto Libanio;

Trade Dimensions in the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis in Developing Countries: Are the Policy Responses Overlooking Them?, by Aldo Caliari

Trade Integration after the Great Recession: The Case of Argentina, by Leandro Serino.


Brief description

The world economy is currently in the throes of a global economic crisis reminiscent of the great depressions of the 1930s and the 1870s. As back then, the crisis has exposed the major structural imbalances in financial and credit markets in addition to global trade forcing many governments, developed and developing, to impose debilitating austerity measures that are exacerbating the structural weaknesses that caused the crisis in the first place.

This volume offers historical insights into the origins of the contemporary crisis as well as detailed analyses of the financial and trade dimensions, an assessment of the technological and innovation context along with perspectives on the implications for unemployment and gender imbalances.

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