Do we have the global monetary system that we need for the 21st century?

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Thu, Aug 25, 2011

Do we have the global monetary system that we need for the 21st century?

In a paper published by the UN, Center of Concern staff Aldo Caliari argues that reforms of the international monetary system will not be satisfactory unless they address acute challenges of the 21st century: an orderly exit from global imbalances, preventing recessionary adjustments, better supporting international trade by reducing currency volatility and better providing development and climate finance.

Center of Concern | Fri, Aug 5, 2011

Let us Honor the Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In a recent statement to the UN, the Vatican stated:  “Nuclear weapons are incompatible with the peace we seek for the 21st century. They cannot be justified. They deserve condemnation. The preservation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty demands an unequivocal commitment to their abolition.” Survivors of those bombings in Japan are now calling the world to phase out the use of nuclear power after the tragedy at Fukushima.  Let us all speak out for peace.

Center of Concern | Thu, Jul 28, 2011

Center Engages with Caux Round Table

Jim Hug, S.J. participated in an all-day gathering of the Caux Round Table Fellows Tuesday, July 26th, to discuss current issues of organizational integrity and responsibility.  Jim helped focus the discussion on the changed context created by the convergence of social and ecological crises, offering the perspective of the Center's important framework paper by Maria Riley, O.P., Seeing the World Anew.

Center of Concern | Tue, Jul 26, 2011

Ignatian Spirituality for a Socially-Conscious Evolutionary Mission

Center President Jim Hug, S.J.led a highly successful workshop entitled: "When Resurrection Feels Like Crucifixion: the Social Grace of the Fourth Week in our Evolutionary Times" at the 5th Triennial Ignatian Spirituality Conference at St. Louis University July 22-24.  Watch for follow-up activities to develop social consciousness within Ignatian Spirituality.

Pax Christi USA

Center of Concern | Thu, Jun 23, 2011

Join Pax Christi USA in calling for the end of war in Afghanistan

"Currently, there are 100,000 U.S. troops, 40,000 International troops, 110,000 contractors, 286,000 Afghan National Security Forces, and 150,000 Pakistani troops all in Afghanistan or on its border.  This year is on pace to be the deadliest for both U.S. troops and Afghan civilians.  Our nation spends $2.3 billion per week on war in Iraq and Afghanistan as funding for human needs are cut.  This madness must stop."
Read the full Pax Christi USA statement and speak out.