Lectionary Reflections: Pentecost Sunday [c] May 15, 2016

Engaging Faith | Wed, May 11, 2016

By John Bucki, S.J.
Source: Center of Concern

Pentecost Sunday [c]

May 15, 2016


Acts 2:1-11

1 Corinthians 12:3-7, 12-13 or Romans 8:8-17

John 20:19-23 or John 14:15-16, 23b-26



May 15: Pentecost Sunday

May 15: International Day of Families

May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

May 22: Trinity Sunday 

May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity  



The Church herself will never cease putting questions, trusting in the help of the Paraclete, the Spirit of truth.

-John Paul II, Novo Millennio Ineunte, 56

The Spirit changes us!  …  Let us trust in God’s work! With him we can do great things; he will give us the joy of being his disciples, his witnesses. Commit yourselves to great ideals, to the most important things. We Christians were not chosen by the Lord for little things; push onwards toward the highest principles. Stake your lives on noble ideals, my dear young people!

-Pope Francis, 28 April 2013 

Ever mindful of the past, let us promote an education in which exclusion and confrontation give way to inclusion and encounter….

-Pope Francis, Tel Aviv, 25 May 2014

The gift of the Holy Spirit has been bestowed upon the Church and upon each one of us, so that we may live lives of genuine faith and active charity, that we may sow the seeds of reconciliation and peace. 

-Pope Francis, Pentecost Homily, 24 May 2015

Finding one’s own voice, however, haltingly, imparts the power of the Spirit crying out. The boldness to hear the claim of conscience and follow its deep impulses even in the face of loss; the courage to taste righteous anger and allow it to motivate critical resistance to evil; the willingness to utter the prophetic word – these occurrences inscribe the movement of the Spirit’s compassion into the ambiguity of the world.  

-Elizabeth Johnson CSJ, She Who Is, 126

All of us want peace.  Many people build it day by day through small gestures and acts; many of them are suffering, yet patiently persevere in their efforts to be peacemakers.  All of us – especially those placed at the service of their respective peoples – have the duty to become instruments and artisans of peace, especially by our prayers.

-Pope Francis, Bethlehem, 25 May 2014


Thoughts for Your Consideration

Today, as we celebrate the power of the Spirit in the church, the scriptures remind us that the Spirit is a social Spirit – a Spirit that leads us to solidarity with each other, the whole world, and all its people. The Spirit breaks down barriers between peoples. The Spirit changes behavior and moves us into community. The Spirit calls us into action – action for others and for justice.  The Spirit is a Spirit of reconciliation and healing. The Spirit is a Spirit of mercy.


The coming of the Spirit 2,000 years ago transformed the Christian community.

Locked doors were opened.

Fear was replaced by courage.

Peace was proclaimed.

The power to forgive sins was shared.

Those who were afraid began to speak up boldly.

Thousands heard the message in their own languages.

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