Lectionary Reflections: Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God [c] January 1, 2016

Engaging Faith | Sun, Dec 27, 2015

By John Bucki, SJ
Source: Center of Concern

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 1, 2016



Numbers 6:22-27

Galatians 4:4-7

Luke 2:16-21



January 1: World Day of Peace; New Year’s Day

January 1: Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God

January 3: Epiphany of the Lord 

January 3-9: National Migration Week

January 4: Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 7: Orthodox Christmas Day



God is not indifferent! God cares about humankind! God does not abandon us!

-Pope Francis, 2016 Message for the World Day of Peace

Peace remains possible. And if peace is possible, it is also a duty!

-John Paul II, 2004 Message for the World Day of Peace

I invite every man and woman to have a more lively sense of belonging to the one human family, and to strive to make human coexistence increasingly reflect this conviction, which is essential for the establishment of true and lasting peace. I likewise invite believers to implore tirelessly from God the great gift of peace.

-Pope Benedict XVI, 2008 Message for the World Day of Peace

May Mary show us, in her Son, the Way of peace, and enlighten our vision, so that we can recognize Christ's face in the face of every human person, the heart of peace!

-Pope Benedict XVI, 2007 Message for the World Day of Peace

In the heart of every man and woman is the desire for a full life, including that irrepressible longing for fraternity which draws us to fellowship with others and enables us to see them not as enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters to be accepted and embraced. 

-Pope Francis, 2014 Message for the World Day of Peace

Ring out old shapes of foul disease,

ring out the narrowing lust of gold,

ring out the thousand wars of old,

ring in the thousand years of peace.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

With the present Jubilee of Mercy I want to invite the Church to pray and work so that every Christian will have a humble and compassionate heart, one capable of proclaiming and witnessing to mercy. 

-Pope Francis, 2016 Message for the World Day of Peace


Thoughts for Your Consideration

The blessing given in Numbers is something that is meant to be shared with the whole human community. It is a hopeful blessing for the whole world.  It must be all inclusive if it is to have its full power. “… in the diversity of ethnic groups, societies and cultures, we see the seeds of a vocation to form a community composed of brothers and sisters who accept and care for one another” (Pope Francis, 1 January 2014).


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