CSOs put forward financial regulation priorities for G20 (May 2013)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Mon, Apr 29, 2013


Today we have an economy more dominated by finance than ever. Yet, a recent McKinsey report shows that only one fourth of the financial depth gained in the 12 years before the crisis was used to finance the real economy and households.

We need a new economic paradigm that ends the dominance of finance over real economy and society. In a statement prepared in the occasion of the Group of 20 Sherpas meeting held in Moscow, early May 2013, over 100 civil society organizations from 40 countries, in addition to regional and global networks, put forward their key priorities for financial regulation, financing for investment, and debt reform.

The statement is still receiving signatures (until June 7  2013). If you would like your organization to sign on this statement please contact Aldo Caliari at