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Integral Ecology | Mon, Sep 16, 2013

By Liz Haney

Washington, D.C.—The Center of Concern is  proud to announce that our facilities on Otis Street in Northeast Washington, DC are now 100% powered by wind. The Center's Chief Operating Officer, Ann Venton, led the process to ensure  that the electricity which powers our building is generated using sustainable means. This process led to the decision to use CleanStepsSM WindPower wind power and was confirmed today.

For Immediate Release February 13, 2012

Liz Haney

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COC’s Washington, DC office  joins the growing sustainable business community, choosing emission-free wind energy as the next step in environmental stewardship.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Center of Concern is pleased to announce that they have committed to purchasing 100% wind energy credits to power their business, reducing the carbon footprint of the company and helping to cultivate a healthier community. This means that our supporters can rest easy knowing that by supporting the Center they are also supporting clean energy. Wind energy is making a big difference in America. The wind energy that the Center uses fosters the development of new wind energy and protects air quality.

The Center’s Chief Operating Officer, Ann Venton, led the process to find a way to power our building using sustainable means, so that the funds we use towards electricity generation are in alignment with our values. As a leading center of collaborative research, education and advocacy inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, the Center of Concernsought to uphold the principles of care for creation as well as the preferential option for the poor. As the Integral Ecology Project seeks to advocate and educate about the inordinate impacts of climate change upon the poorest and most vulnerable across the world, the ED project furthers an agenda where clean energy is used in the context of sustainable development.

In 2010, thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses purchased CleanStepsSM WindPower from Washington Gas Energy Services and helped to prevent the harmful effects of traditional energy supplies.

The effects of their commitment are immense and are a part of the Center of Concern's mission to foster a cleaner environment. By using wind energy, we are helping the environment and also keeping the air clean, preventing the need for new, polluting fossil-fuel power plants to meet growing energy needs.

About the Center of Concern

Rooted in Catholic social tradition, the Center of Concern works collaboratively to create a world where economic and social systems guarantee basic rights, uphold human dignity, promote sustainable livelihoods and renew Earth.

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