Nnimmo Bassey from Friends of the Earth Nigeria, a member of Climate Justice Now.

Integral Ecology | Fri, Dec 9, 2011

Source: Durban, South Africa

... delivered a brief, very challenging address to the delegates to the climate change negotiations in Durban, S.A.

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Mr President, my name is Nnimmo Bassey from Friends of the Earth Nigeria, a member of Climate Justice Now.

 The disdain of rich nations has never been more blatantly displayed than here at COP17.  You are unashamed in your self-centred disregard for creating this crisis.  The deal gaining traction here will lead to more years of inaction, and further cement us on the path to cataclysmic climate change. 

 The fallout of this will incinerate Africa and inflict devastation across the world. But no nation is immune to this planetary crisis.  The very life support system that sustains us all is now in very grave risk.

 The Convention gives us a strong bedrock for climate action based on equity and fairness.  But rich nations are trying to avoid responsibility to pay their climate debt and are busy entrenching false carbon market solutions, and arm-twisting vulnerable states with paltry offers of funds.   

 We know in whose interests this deal is being advanced, and it is not those of the 99% of people on this planet.  The floods of corporate lobbyists here show us the real agenda at play.

 Spare a thought for the future you are building for our children.  I urge you not to leave this room until you come up with an agreement that is fair and just and will not condemn millions of people to hunger and destruction.

 Thank you.