Social Watch Report 2010 launched (December 2010)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Tue, Dec 28, 2010

Social Watch Report 2010 features the theme “After the Fall: Time for a New Deal.”

The financial crisis devastated the world economy, and recovery efforts offer mixed results. Millions of people are still unemployed, social spending is being cut, and it is increasingly unlikely that the Millennium Development Goals will be met by 2015. Roberto Bissio, coordinator of Social Watch International Secretariat, recognizes these challenges and articulates that thinking about development in innovative and people centered ways is the only viable solution available: “More aid money and better trade terms for developing countries are an ethical imperative now even more than before. But, to face the dramatic social and environmental impacts of the current multiple crises, we need to move beyond a ‘business as usual’ approach and start working towards a comprehensive justice program.”

Thematic articles and national reports from 62 countries identify four elements of an effective and just international human development agenda: climate justice; financial, fiscal, and economic justice; social and gender justice; and legal justice. Social Watch calls on nations of the world to keep their promises to the poor and the oppressed. Developed countries need to live up to their aid commitments and they need to pursue foreign investment in a manner that promotes social development rather than their own interests. Environment, gender, and democratic concerns are not peripheral to development. They are central to it. Now, in the wake of the crises, the world has the opportunity to abandon existing strategies and philosophies for ones that will actually promote human development.

As part of the Social Watch US Coalition, the Center of Concern contributed to the USA National Report.

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