Debt and Trade: Making linkages for the Promotion of Development

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Debt and Trade

This volume gathers the presentations delivered at the second in a series of policy roundtables that had the objective of promoting and integrated approach to policy-making on trade and finance. The premise of this and the previous roundtable is that a holistic approach to policy-making in trade and finance can bring substantial improvements in ensuring systemic coherence and providing better development outcomes than an approach that would take such areas in isolation.

The roundtable was titled "Debt and Trade: Making linkages for the Promotion of Development". This time, it singled out debt as an specific area of finance. The objective was to create a space to explore the potential implications that an integrated approach that bridges trade and debt may have for policy-makers focusing on, or specializing separately in, each of those areas.

By: Aldo Caliari
ISBN: 978-1-61658-134-3

December 2009