Social Watch Report 2009 features grassroots analyses on impacts of the financial crisis (December 2009)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Tue, Dec 8, 2009

By Social Watch

Recently released, the Social Watch Report 2009 features the theme “Making Finances Work: People First.”

As in previous editions, the report features over sixty reports from civil society organizations alongside thematic articles.

In an introductory article Roberto Bissio, head of the International Secretariat says: “While politically connected US investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, have started to make profits again, and reward their executives with multimillion dollar bonuses, unemployment is still growing in most of the so called “advanced” economies and the tsunami wave of the crisis is only now, one year after the earthquake at the financial epicenter, starting to hit more distant shores.”  This conclusion is an inescapable one for anybody who reads the dozens of country reports that document the impacts of the crisis in this year’s report.  Center of Concern, a member of the Social Watch coalition in the US, contributed to the USA Country Report and wrote one of the Thematic articles: A Human Rights-Based Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis  

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