Yes, it’s G20 + 2 ... but they are trying to play it down (February 2009)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Mon, Mar 2, 2009

By Aldo Caliari

In a Financial Times letter to the editor, Aldo Caliari explains what are the likely reasons why the UK Government has preferred to keep rather quiet about its new guests to the Groupf of 20 Summit scheduled to take place in London, April 2 2009.

Yes, it’s G20 + 2 ... but they are trying to play it down

Published: February 28 2009

From Mr Aldo Caliari.

Sir, There may be a simple reason as to why the Group of 20 summit has not been given a new name despite there being 22 governments attending this time (“Is it G20 or G22?”, Westminster blog, February 25).

It is outrageous that, at the discretion of the host government, two more countries have been invited and that these happen to be two more European countries, from the industrialised country club – by no means under-represented in the G20! – especially as it is unclear whether other non-G20 countries requesting a seat at the table would have been equally accepted.

It certainly confirms the views about the non-democratic, non-representative and unaccountable nature of this forum, and its inadequacy to lead to the broadly accepted, widely discussed reforms that our global financial system needs.

I do not blame the UK as host government for trying to keep the fact that it is inviting two new guests as far “under the radar” as possible.

Aldo Caliari,
Rethinking Bretton Woods Project,C
enter of Concern,
Washington, DC, US

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