Global Poverty and the Global Common Good in U.S. 2008 Elections (October 2008)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Thu, Oct 30, 2008

By Center of Concern

As part of its series Elections 2008: Voting the Common Good, Center of Concern has released a new paper, Global Poverty and the Global Common Good.

In 2000 governments from across the world gathered together to sign the Millennium Declaration that contains a commitment to reduce poverty in the world by half by 2015.

This paper builds on the U.S. Bishops’ statement that “meeting the basic needs of millions of deprived and hungry people in the world must be the number one objective of international policy.” It argues that the imperative to achieve progress towards this goal global should be a critical issue for U.S. voters and an important test in scrutinizing the values of the candidates in this upcoming election.

The intention to pursue a just and equitable international order where this objective could be realized finds expression in a number of foreign economic policy areas, such as aid, trade, investment, debt and mobilization of domestic resources. The paper presents the key issues for each of these areas, where the choices the next Administration makes will determine whether the U.S. lives up to its responsibility.

To download the paper click here.