NGO Principles on ""Aid for Trade"" (December 2005)

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Sat, Dec 3, 2005

In a document prepared by Aldo Caliari and Pam Sparr,  CSOs state their demands for the emerging Aid for Trade agenda.

This document was prepared by Aldo Caliari and Pam Sparr on the basis of two previous drafts that were put forward for international discussion and revision by the International Working Group on Trade- Finance Linkages.  The aim of this document and the process that led to its creation was to foster dialogue and critical thinking about appropriate policies related to "aid for trade" among NGOs with both financial and trade backgrounds and experience. It also aimed at providing a common starting point for NGOs around the world interested in taking an advocacy position on these issues at the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong (2005) and beyond. The International Working Group on Trade-Finance Linkages brings together organizations, individuals and networks, North and South, with the purpose of 1) enhancing the effectiveness of trade and finance NGOs in achieving their respective advocacy agendas, 2) identifying and developing the areas where their work presents synergy, and 3) building a common, proactive advocacy platform to link trade and financial policies in ways supportive of development, gender equity, human rights and the environment. For more information on this document or on the Working Group, contact Aldo Caliari, Coordinator, Rethinking Bretton Woods  Project:

Download and read the complete paper by clicking here.