WTO+10 Meets Beijing+10: New Paper From The Global Women's Project

Global Women's Project | Tue, Mar 22, 2005

By Maria Riley, Kristin Sampson, Alexandra Spieldoch

"After ten years of U.S. participation in the World Trade Organization and a political emphasis on greater international trade as an engine of economic growth, we must ask whether women are gaining or losing in terms of job opportunities and wages under current trade policy?"

In their new paper, Bankrupt U.S. Economic Policy Forecloses on Women's Human Rights: WTO+10 Meets Beijing+10: The Impacts of Trade Liberalization on Women's Human Rights, Maria Riley, OP, Alexandra Spieldoch, and Kristin Sampson, members of the Center's Global Women's Project, consider questions about trade policies' impacts not only on women's job opportunities and wages but also on their access to social services, and on how much political influence women have in local and national decision making.