Voting the Common Good

Global Women's Project | Wed, Jul 16, 2008

By Abiosseh Davis

The past weekend (July 11-13) witnessed a remarkable step in advancing the Common Good. Over 700 delegates congregated in the birthplace of our democracy, Philadelphia, to ratify the Platform for the Common Good. Catholics from around the country reflected upon the common good, submitted responses and were integral in informing and forming the Platform for the Common Good. Grounded in the Constitution, the platform affirms the need to place human dignity and community building and maintenance at the center of our government’s policies. The Convention encouraged participants to discuss and reflect on the common good as it pertained to such issues as the war in Iraq, unjust economic policies, immigration, health care and ecology.

The Center of Concern has examined many of these issues in our Election 2008 resources, analyzing our government’s current positions on these topics and providing policy recommendations to lead us towards the Global Common Good as we advance in this election cycle.

We would like to ask you, our avid readers and friends of the Center, to give us some perspective on how you view the Common Good. We hope that the following questions spark discussion and advance the Global Common Good:

  1. How do you understand the Common Good?
  2. What do you view as the greatest threat to the Common Good and how do you propose we, as a U.S. community, address it?
  3. What major concern would you like to see addressed in this presidential election cycle?