Report on National Gender and Trade Consultations (May-September 2003)

Global Women's Project | Thu, Jan 22, 2004

By Compiled by Alexandra Spieldoch
In 2002, the U.S. Gender and Trade Network (USGTN) decided to initiate a national debate on the linkages between gender and trade policies in an effort to encourage women in the U.S. to deliberately make these links as part of a long-term vision for social and economic justice in this country and abroad. Through this process, we hoped to highlight the differential impacts on women and men in the U.S. as well as empower U.S. women to speak out as leaders whose voices must not be ignored in trade policymaking. We drafted a framework from which community activists could organize consultations in their communities and begin dialogues on gender and trade to start this process. Well known organizers were contacted in Iowa, Chicago, St. Louis, San Antonio, and New York to begin a series of conversations on gender and trade as partners with USGTN. In 2003, six meetings took place. This report provides the background to the consulta process, analysis of the context in which the national consultations took place, descriptions and outcomes of each of the six consultations, and ideas for appropriate next steps.

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