GWP Urges Action: Stand Up and Take Down Gender-based Violence

Global Women's Project | Wed, Feb 12, 2014


New documentary produced through One Billion Rising airs on February 14, 2014. The image of dancers featured here is borrowed from the film and gives an idea of the energy behind the movement. 

Global Women’s Project Director Deva Fall Kemmis, Ph.D., spoke out today in support of "One Billion Rising" and a global campaign to highlight and stop gender-based violence. The campaign culminates in a series of world-wide events this Friday, February 14, 2014. Activists will gather outside courthouses, town halls, and other spaces that represent justice for survivors and victims of gender-based violence around the world. Kemmis says, “We only have to look at today’s paper to know that gender-based violence is a global crisis. The horrific recent gang-rape of a young woman in West Bengal, India is a tragic example of the violence against women and girls that plays out world-wide. Putting a stop to gender-based violence is something we all need to work for — join us, share your voice, as we stand for justice for women this Valentine’s Day!”