GWP Mourns the Loss of Maya Angelou's Powerful Voice of Hope

Global Women's Project | Wed, May 28, 2014

Source: CC/Flickr/Troy_Talbot

With courage Maya Angelou led women around the world to examine their lives within a context of hopefulness. Her words, actions, and her performances on the global stage provided opportunities to experience her confidence in the human spirit to soar above oppressions and abuses. The Global Women's Project reflects upon Ms. Angelou's contributions to improving awareness of the need for gender equality. We encourage our friends to take a moment to remember her voice and to read her work at the Poetry Foundation. (photo credit: CC/Flickr/Troy Talbot)

A Plagued Journey
— Maya Angelou

My mind, formerly quiescent
in its snug encasement, is strained
to look upon their rapturous visages,   
to let them enter even into me.   
I am forced
outside myself to
mount the light and ride joined with Hope. ...continued