Breaking Boundaries II-Women and the Free Trade Area of the Americas: Understanding the Connections

Global Women's Project | Wed, Oct 15, 2003

By U.S. Gender and Trade Network (USGTN)
This publication is a joint effort of participants in the U.S. Gender and Trade Network (USGTN). It is a popular education tool on ""Women and the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA)"" which includes analysis of the potential impacts of the FTAA from a gender perspective.This resource explores the impacts of privatization, deregulation, and NAFTA on services, investment, migration, militarization, labor, and agriculture and examines how this relates to regional integration in the Americas. This publication is available as a popular educational tool for activists with a particular focus on the U.S. experience.The resource booklet includes discussion questions and provides reference and background information that is useful in: (1) raising awareness among women and different communities across the U.S. about the impacts of free trade and the potential impacts of the FTAA and (2) mobilizing them to get involved in the debate and promote the common good through economic policymaking in the Americas.
Copies are Breaking Boundaries II are being sold for $3.00/copy and $2.75 each for orders larger than 10. There is also a 15% shipping and handling fee.To order Breaking Boundaries II, please visit Center of Concern's online store.
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