Advancing Human Well-Being

Global Women's Project | Sat, Dec 1, 2012

By Julia Wartenberg
For the past several years, the work of the Global Women’s Project (GWP) has focused on advancing human well-being, an issue we believe is not currenlty substantially addressed in the public sphere. We are living through a period of intertwined crises: care, environmental, ecological, economic and agricultural. These crises, individually and collectively, are placing our and our society’s well-being at risk. You don’t need to look far for evidence.

The Great Recession, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, ended in June 2009, but the lived reality of individuals does not reflect this. Unemployment hovers at 7.8 percent, a number which does not include the millions who have given up and dropped out of the workforce nor the countless who remain underemployed (BLS 2012). For too many their day-to-day is filled with struggles of making ends meet and figuring out ways to provide quality care and support for their loved ones. Our society is massively unequal and continues to be stratified. Gender, racial and economic hierarchies and stratification continue to exist. Indeed, the wealthiest one percent of Americans earns approximately 40 percent of this nation’s wealth. And, as many economists (including Stiglitz) have noted, this gap has increased in recent years (ThinkProgress 2011). Our well-being is in jeopardy not because of one policy or one root cause. Instead, this is a multi-dimensional problem, with many layers precisely because human well-being is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered concept...

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