Global Women's Project

Welcome to the Global Women’s Project at the Center of Concern!  The Global Women’s Project has advocated for the rights of women for 40 years. We are committed to creating a world in which women and girls enjoy the fundamental rights of education, freedom, safety, and the opportunity to determine the future for themselves. The focal points of our work include:

1. Women’s Empowerment through Girls’ Education
The GWP is dedicated to transformation of the world through the education of girls.  In order to create a world in which not only fundamental rights, but unlimited opportunities for leadership, become a reality for all women, a full education must become a reality for all girls. The importance of girls’ education has been well documented in recent research, as has the link between the level of girls’ education in given localities and the respective economic well-being of the people who live there. In a very real sense, the well-being of entire communities depends on how well the girls who live there are educated. It is these communities that give rise to our global community, and it all begins with education.  



2. Freedom from Violence 
Domestic violence, human trafficking, the vulnerability of women and girls in conflict zones, and the persecution of women as witches in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, and Papa New Guinea are central areas of focus for the project. We research, advocate, and educate to:
1) shine a light on this tragic reality 
2) reverse the global phenomenon of gender-based violence.





3. The Care Economy 

The GWP has served as the leading voice of advocacy for the care economy and specifically the care crisis. We advocate, educate, and publish on this critically important issue.






Latest GWP events

  • We started a Mythbusting: Women and Witchcraft Blog in which we explore global issues of violence against accused witches. 
  • We celebrated the official relaunch of the Global Women’s Project April 9 with a film screening of “The War Within: A Portrait of Virginia Woolf”, a panel discussion with internationally acclaimed film makers John Fuegi and Jo Francis, and a reception with GWP friends and advocates. Check out the press release
  • Women in India blog 
  • Standing in solidarity with One Billion Rising, an organization that advocates forwomen who are victims of violence
  • Advocating for ways to establish parity for women in the European immigration crises.  

Join us in standing up for women and girls worldwide!

Latest publications from the Global Women's Project

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