Prayer for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Populorum Progressio

Education for Justice | Thu, Mar 23, 2017

By Jane Deren, Ph.D.
Source: Education for Justice

This prayer commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Populorum Progressio, and uses words and phrases from Pope Paul VI’s seminal encyclical originally published on March 26, 1967.

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We celebrate the call of Pope Paul VI

To reflect on the Church’s teaching

That “the world is given to all”

For the common good of all;

That the economy should only be

At the service of authentic human development, To ensure that every person

Can flourish and have “a fully human life.”


May we help create the world

Pope Paul VI describes, moving beyond greed and self-interest, The “moral underdevelopment” of our time,

Moving to solidarity with those on the margins,

So all may share a common table,

So all may experience life as the gift God intends it be,

Life that is lived in community with others

With joy, with dignity, and in peace.  


May we be a part of “bold transformations”

And of “innovations that go deep,”

Using our freedom, our creativity, and our courage,

With a generosity of spirit,

To shape a new social and economic order

Where there is room for everyone to participate in

The ongoing development of the global human community And thus, in their own ongoing growth and development. Amen.

— Jane Deren, Ph.D.


Copyright © 2017, Education for Justice, a project of Center of Concern.