EFJ Prays: "Deliver Your People, O Lord"

Education for Justice | Tue, Jun 17, 2014

In light of the recent uprising in Iraq, this prayer challenges us to be present to the violence and unrest in our world and to become agents of peace and change.

(Photo credit: CC/Flickr/U.S.Army) 

Countries in Politcal Distress

Rescue your people

In Iraq, in Ukraine, in Syria,

In the Central Africa Republic, in Kenya,

In Honduras, in Venezuela, 

In Thailand, in Pakistan, 

In North Korea, in China,

In every place where communities clash.

From harm and violence, save them.


Be their stronghold from assailants

And the misuse of force.

From those who would ignore justice, save them.

From those who trample upon peace, save them.


Help us sing of your teachings

And become your voice

That rings out and echoes amid the hills,

“Peace be with you”

Shaming the wicked

And bringing strength

To those who feel abandoned or threatened.


We cry out, God of life,

So the just may be delivered

And peace may be restored.


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