Lectionary Reflections: Corpus Christi [c] May 29, 2016

Engaging Faith | Fri, May 20, 2016

By John Bucki, S.J.
Source: Center of Concern

Corpus Christi [c]

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

May 29, 2016


Genesis 14:18-20

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Luke 9:11b-17



May 29: Feast of Corpus Christi

May 29: International Day of U.N. Peacekeepers

May 30: Memorial Day in the United States

May 31: World No Tobacco Day

June is Torture Awareness Month 

June 4: Innocent Children Victims of Aggression Day (

June 5: World Environment Day

June 6: Ramadan (Islamic Holy Month) begins at sundown



The Church is the salt of the earth; she is the light of the world. She is called to make present in society the leaven of the Kingdom of God and she does this primarily with her witness, the witness of brotherly love, of solidarity and of sharing with others.

-Pope Francis, 18 May 2013

Catholic social teaching is built on a commitment to the poor. This commitment arises from our experiences of Christ in the Eucharist.

-U.S. Bishops, Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions

The whole Church as such, is directly called to the service of charity: “In the very early days the Church added the agape to the Eucharistic Supper, and thus showed herself to be wholly united around Christ by the bond of charity.” … Charity gives life and sustains the works of solidarity that look to the total needs of the human being.

-John Paul II, Christifideles Laici, 41

In the Sunday Eucharist, the believing heart opens wide to embrace all aspects of the Church. But … far from trying to create a narrow “gift” mentality, [St.] Paul calls rather for a demanding culture of sharing, to be lived not only among the members of the community itself but also in society as a whole.

-John Paul II, Dies Domini, 70

To guarantee people and peoples the possibility of overcoming the scourge of hunger is to assure them concrete access to adequate, healthy food. Indeed, this is a practical expression of the right to life which, although it is solemnly proclaimed, all too often remains far from being implemented fully.

-Benedict XVI, 16 October 2009

The doors of heaven are closed to those who close their hearts to the needs of the poor. 

-Pope Francis, Audience, 18 May 2016


Thoughts for Your Consideration

In the gospel Jesus focuses on the distribution of food so that everyone can eat and so that everyone has enough. The moral teaching of Jesus has something to say about our policies as a nation. The scriptures today give us a special opportunity to reflect on the reality of hunger and food insecurity in our world today. The world produces enough food for everyone. The problem is that some have too much and some don’t have enough. In the gospel Jesus had to get everyone to share the bounty of bread and fish. The challenge today is a challenge of just distribution and of opportunities for all to participate in our food system in a sustainable and responsible way. The scriptures today proclaim the blessings that come when a meal is shared. For Christians, sharing a meal (Eucharist) is at the heart of the Christian life. For Christians, sharing the bounty of the world with all people, especially the poor, is at the heart of what we are called to be.


There is a deep richness in the Catholic theology of Eucharist – in our belief in the real presence – in our belief in the presence of God in our shared meal. Books have been written. Talks have been given. Theologies have been developed and debated. After all the thoughts and words, we might reflect today on how that depth and richness is present in our practice.

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