Jesuit Presence at Rio+20

Integral Ecology | Tue, Jun 19, 2012

By Center of Concern
Source: EcoJesuit

Ignatian organizations - Jesuits and Christian Life Communities and more - are present working for more just and sustainable development at Rio+20.  Their daily reports raise the issues and offer a way to pray with this important conference.  Click here to see their daily postings.


Today we have lived our third day in Rio+20, amid intense speculation about the existence of a draft of the outcome document that would have enough consensus.  Indeed the document was elaborated by the Brazilian government and made public.  The disappointment on the document is huge.  Let us hope that the remaining days will serve to improve it.




Discussed today too was the active presence of the Church in Rio+20, probably as a sign of the commitment of the Church with the world, and especially with those who suffer the most.  You will also find information on displacements of people because of natural disasters and a collaboration with Luis Arancibia, Deputy Director of Entreculturas.

Thank you very much for your support during Rio+20!