For a Healed Future...

Photo by rishibando (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Center of Concern | Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Blessed God, these are some of the things that belong
to our vision of a healed future...

Blessed God,  these are some of the things that belong
to our vision of a healed future:

A world that uses resources only as fast as they can be replaced,
so that the wealth of today does not destroy hope for tomorrow.

Leaders who are honest, respectful,
and more interested in doing their jobs than in keeping their jobs.

Material sufficiency and security for all, and therefore,
low death rates,  low birth rates,  and stable populations.

Work that dignifies people and enables all to thrive.
Incentives for people to give of their best to society,  and to be rewarded for it.
And at the same time ways of providing sufficiently for people under any circumstances.

An economy that is a means,  not an end,
one that serves the wellbeing of the community and the environment,
rather than demanding that the community and the environment serve it.

The kind of agriculture that builds soils,
uses natural mechanisms to restore nutrients and control pests,
and produces abundant,  uncontaminated food.

Print and broadcast media that reflect the world's diversity and,  at the same time,
bind together the cultures of the world with relevant,  accurate,  timely,  unbiased,
and intelligent information.

Reasons for living and thinking well of oneself
that do not require the accumulation of material things.

Help each one of us,  God,  and all of us together
to believe in the possibility of such a future,
and by loving and by hoping and by working,
according to what each of us has to contribute,  to help it to come true.




Photo by rishibando (CC BY-NC 2.0)