What happens the day after?

Center of Concern | Wed, Jun 10, 2015


Negotiations on the financing framework that will accompany the Sustainable Development Goals continue in full gear. But much more than the conference itself, what matters is the implementation that begins the day after: commitments undertaken at the conference will mean little without a strong framework for follow up, monitoring and review.

As part of its advocacy on the parallel processes towards a Third Financing for Development Conference (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) in July and Post-2015 Development Agenda (New York) in September, Center of Concern is promoting a strong accountability framework so the conference commitments make a difference in the years to follow.

CoC team member Aldo Caliari drafted the briefing paper published by CIDSE “Some reflections on the Third FFD Conference Follow-up – A Thinkpiece.” CoC is also cosponsoring side-events on this same topic during the Third Drafting Session of the Financing for Development Conference, June 18, and at the conference itself, in Addis Ababa.

“The Financing for Development Conference follow up process . . .  without major adjustments . ..  will . . . disappoint in a task to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” he warned in a statement delivered as speaker selected by the Major Group of Non-governmental Organization during the recent New York negotiations. (Photo credit: United Nations Photo Library)