World Food Security: A Catholic View of Food Policy in the New Millennium

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World Food Security

It has become increasingly clear over the past quarter century that almost all aspects of the global food system are dominated by a combination of corporate agribusiness, wealthy people in both industrialized and developing countries, and the financial institutions and national governments that guide and support them.

The thesis of this book is that the primary responsibility for improving the failing global food system rests with these persons and institutions. They control the system, reap most of its benefits, and make and enforce the rules for its operation. Much of this power is exercised without accountability. Such exercise - indeed, the existence of such power - is basically undemocratic and unethical. It must be challenged and changed.
The crucial contribution of this clearly written text is a mix of moral passion and detailed analysis it provides for all who understand that hunger is both unacceptable and unnecessary in the world today.

J. Bryan Hehir, President of Catholic Charities USA, well-known speaker and former Dean of the Harvard Divinity School.

ISBN 0-934255-21-0

Published: 2002