RBW Volume 5 World Trade: Toward Fair and Free Trade in the Twenty-first Century

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RBW Volume 5 World Trade

Focusing on the newest global financial institution, the World Trade Organization (WTO), this volume provides and apt conclusion to the Rethinking Bretton Woods series. Chakravarthi Raghavan provides close-up insights into the negotiations preceding the creation the WTO and leading up to the conclusion of the GATT Uruguay Round. Stephen Sleigh analyzes the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the WTO on workers in industrialized countries. Bernard D'Mello exaimes structural adjustment in India, analyzing how the WTO works in concert with the World Bank and IMF in managing the international trade and payments mechanism. Tissa Balasuriya, OMI, describes Sri Lanka's experiences with trade liberalizations, an analysis which carries a forceful critique of structural adjustment programs and the growing power of transnational corporations. Finally, John Cavanagh considers whether labor, environmental and human rights considerations are appropriate to the WTO and other trade instruments.

Jo Marie Griesgraber and Bernhard G. Gunter (Editors)