RBW Volume 4 The World’s Monetary System: Toward Stability and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century

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RBW Volume 4 The World’s Monetary System
Applying the series' new paradigm of development, the contributors of this volume - from India, Europe and the United States - offer concrete proposals for moving the international monetary system toward stability and sustainability. Robert S. Browne offers modest yet far-reaching reforms of the IMF; Sunanda Sen expands the developing countries' access to IMF drawing rights; Stephany Giffith-Jones and Vassilis Papageorgiou unveil fundamental structural changes already afoot in the global private financial markets; Avadhoot R. Nadkarni draws on India's experience to illustrate LDC preferences for fixity in exchange rate arrangements; Bernard Lietaer promotes an innovative global reference currency; and Bernhard G. Gunter argues for a World Central Bank after critically summarizing key reform proposals for the international monetary system.

Jo Marie Griesgraber and Bernhard G. Gunter (Editors)