RBW Volume 3 The World Bank: Lending on a Global Scale

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RBW Volume 3 The World Bank

In this volume Owondunni Teriba presents an African perspective of the difficulties of structural adjustment and the humiliation of African governments by donor agencies; C.P. Chandrasekhar offers a sweeping critique of structural adjustment policy, proposing a detailed alternative; Barend A. de Vries examines the history and results of the World Bank's focus on poverty alleviation; Jacklyn Cock and E.C. Webster argue that many development projects are flawed by neglect of the social and environmental impacts and inadequate levels of public participation; David Gillies examines the case for and against applying political conditions to World Bank lending policies; and Daniel C. Milder argues that the World Bank needs to support cross-class coalition building as a central tenet of its reforms.

Jo Marie Griesgraber and Bernhard G. Gunter (Editors)