RBW Volume 2 Development: New Paradigms and Principles for the Twenty-First Century

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RBW Volume 2 Development

In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the World Bank and the IMF, as we approach the millennium and a new century, a review of the Bretton Woods institutions is urgently needed. This volume explores the argument that, ultimately, development has come to be defined in the terms of these global players. Leading development specialists offer an authoritative challenge to prevailing ideologies ad a persuasive new paradigm for development issues in the twenty-first century. The contributors include Sixto Roxas, Daniel Bradlow, Claudion Grossman, Roy Culpepper, Lisa Jordan, Turid Sato, William E. Smith and Hazel Henderson.

Edited by Jo Marie Griesgraber & Bernhard G. Gunner
Pluto Press in Association with the Center of Concern
ISBN 0745310478