Why World Bank's Unrepentant Approach on Doing Business May Drag it Down

Rethinking Bretton Woods | Tue, May 27, 2014

Why World Bank's Unrepentant Approach on Doing Business May Drag it Down

Despite support for reforms to the World Bank’s "Doing Business" report coming from experts, civil society organizations, and several governments, the Bank has been unwilling to make such reforms. In this article Rethinking Bretton Woods Project Director Aldo Caliari discusses what this means for the Bank and its current President's credibility. Read full article.





Rethinking Bretton Woods | Wed, Apr 30, 2014

Financing Sustainable Development: Are We Up to the Challenge?

Fifteen years after the Millennium Declaration and reaching the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), 2015 will be a year of reckoning and looking ahead. The international community will need to forge a new framework to finance sustainable development. A new paper released by CIDSE, the international alliance of Catholic agencies of which Center of Concern is a member, relies on Catholic Social tradition to recommend measures needed for financing the new development agenda.


Rethinking Bretton Woods | Tue, Apr 15, 2014

Center of Concern Holds Events at World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings

During the week of April 7, the Rethinking Bretton Woods Project advocated for justice during the Spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The project was involved in several events that discussed investment climate, infrastructure, and the effects of Federal Reserve policies on developing countries and external debt. Photo by Center of Concern/C Bain


Rethinking Bretton Woods | Sun, Apr 13, 2014

RBW to Address UN Meeting on Financing for Development

On April 15, 2014, RBW Project Director Aldo Caliari will address the Special high-level meeting of ECOSOC with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The meeting, which this year takes place on the days of April 14 and 15, is held every year at the UN Headquarters in New York, and is part of the follow-up to the Financing for Development Conference.  Read the agenda for this meeting. Photo CC/UN ECOSOC/ Jon Gosier 


Rethinking Bretton Woods | Wed, Apr 2, 2014

Human Rights in Partnerships to Finance Sustainable Development

On April 3-4 2014, Center of Concern team member Aldo Caliari takes part of “Co-Creating New Partnerships for Financing Sustainable Development.” This consultation, being held by the UN Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Financing Sustainable Development to gather inputs from non-governmental stakeholders, takes place the city of Helsinki, Finland. (photo by Jim G/CC) 



Rethinking Bretton Woods | Sun, Mar 30, 2014

Seeking Justice for Extraterritorial Human Rights Impacts

At the Institute of Human Rights at Abo Akademi University in the city of Turku, Finland, from March 27-29, RBW Project Director Aldo Caliari attended the final meeting of the Globalization and Transnational Human Rights Obligations (GLOTHRO) projectScholars at the conference will discuss and present papers on prospective cross-cutting legal principles relevant for the attribution and distribution of responsibility for breaches of human rights law between foreign states, transnational corporations and international organizations. Mr. Caliari’s paper contributes ideas on frameworks for extraterritorial attribution of responsibility, regarding human rights impacts of financial sector activity. Image of Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland. 

Global Women's Project | Wed, Mar 26, 2014

Women in India: Cultural Erosion and Violence Among the Santhal Tribe

Today we will examine the West Bengal gang rape case through a cultural lens and shed light on some of the factors involved. Although there are a series of complex cultural and ethnic underpinnings to the West Bengal gang rape case, this has been seldom mentioned in the media. Photo/Sudiptorana//CC