About Us

We envision a global community that upholds basic human rights and human dignity, fosters just relationships, promotes sustainable livelihoods, and renews the earth. 
Center of Concern researches, educates, and advocates from Catholic social tradition to create a world where economic, political, and cultural systems promote sustainable flourishing of the global community.
The Center’s strategy for executing this mission is to add value by engaging with public and private centers of influence through an integrated model of social enterprise that seeks global transformation for social justice in core competencies of social justice education; global financial systems and human rights; global women’s issues; sustainable development; strategic governance, principled leadership, and philanthropy; and related areas.

The Center does this by sharing its stakeholders’ voices for global social justice through core services of research, education, and advocacy from Catholic social tradition in ways that are (1) effective, (2) scalable, and (3) sustainable:

  1. The Center measures effectiveness in the relevance, authoritativeness, and influence of its work product through demonstrable impact regarding the issues that matter most to its constituencies, especially the least well off.
  2. The Center demonstrates scalability by applying its resources to multiply its impact, such as through collaborating with the global cadre of pastoral, thought, and executive leaders in its Community of Creative Voices.™
  3. Finally, the Center practices sustainability by continuing to enhance the scale and scope of its substantive relationships with its stakeholder constituencies and its revenue portfolio so that it generates an increasing percentage of its own unrestricted long-term and working capital, e.g., through advisory services, subscriptions, and investment income.

The Center represents the United States in the global lay Catholic development and advocacy alliance, Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité (CIDSE) and is a member of Catholic Charities USA. It has been accredited with consultative status before the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1974.

The Center is a social profit organization exempt under United States Internal Revenue Code § 501(c)(3).